Talisker Storm

Single Malt Whisky
45.8% Alcohol content


Talisker (Carbost, Scotland) is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye. The malted barley used in production comes from Muir of Ord. Talisker has an unusual feature - swan neck lye pipes. Talisker’s water comes from springs directly above the distillery via a network of pipes and wells. Talisker is famous for it’s distinctively peppery character, so hot as to make one taster’s temple steam.


House Style: Volcanic. Extremely spicy!


No whisky reveals the character of its birthplace better than TALISKER. To know TALISKER is to feel the power of the sea, and sense its rugged location on the banks of Loch Harport, on the foreboding Isle of Skye. TALISKER STORM is an exuberant new expression of TALISKER: more intense and smoky, with enhanced and vibrant maritime notes, smoothly balanced by TALISKER’S signature hot sweetness.

Tasting Notes

Taster: Talisker

Nose: Spicy, mellow smoke and a honeyed sweet maltiness with an explosion of pepper


Palate: At first sweetly mellow and rich followed quickly by a spicy heat, like a gathering Storm. The flavour is elegantly drawn out with a balance of sweetness, smoke and salt


Finish: Clean, warming, with a lasting aftertaste

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