Longmorn 22 YO (1988) by Silver Seal

Single Malt Whisky
Single Cask
53% Alcohol content


Longmorn is one the finest Speyside malts, cherished by connoisseurs but not widely known. It is admired for its complexity, its combination of smoothness and fullness of character, and from its big bouquet to its long finish. It is noted for its cereal-grain maltiness, beeswax flavors, and estery fruitness.


House Style: Tongue-coating, malty, complex. Versatile, delightful before dinner, and especially good with dessert.


A bottling from the legendary independent bottler Silver Seal, or better known as Sesante.


Tasting Notes

Note: Quite  intense. Notes of Moscato passito, candied orange, dry apricot, acacia honey. Adding some water more malts and biscuits.


Palate: Sweet with malt aromas, marzipan and passito winy notes and some tannin. Adding some water more citrus, dried fruit and candied orange. Mid bodied and smooth.


Finish: Medium-long and smooth. Adding some water more spices and longer finish.


Notes: Very harmonious and complex. To drink as digestive or paired with shortbreads sweets, yellow fruit tarts or with a Pecorino di Fossa cheese.

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