Glen Grant Sherry Wood 1970 by Samaroli

Single Malt Whisky
Single Cask
45% Alcohol content


Glen Grant is the world's 2nd largest single malt whisky brand. Single malt that's clear in colour with a distinctively crisp, fresh taste that has made it one of the world's favorite.


House style: Herbal and nutty when young, but can be a huge after-dinner dram when matured at length in sherry casks.

Tasting Notes

Taster: Bottler

A complex bouquet, which initially releases touches of tamarind, sleepy phenolic notes and nuts.

It slowly expands, revealing a long series of perfumes, among which molasses, dates, tobacco and leather stand out.

Warm and embracing on the palate with concentrated aromas of  rare finesse, such as cinnamon, walnut and an intense liquorice.

Slightly astringent with considerable fullness and persistence.


Silvano Samaroli began selecting and bottling the world’s great whiskies in 1968, making him the first non-Scottish independent bottler. Born in Bologna,  Samaroli tastes samples from individual casks of Whisky or Rum, from which a series of numbered bottles are produced.


Silvano Samaroli is now famous and esteemed and selects samples sent to him from specific casks at all the most important distilleries; Samaroli chooses the cask and has it bottled with his own labels.

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