Glen Garioch 23 YO (1990) by Samaroli Coilltean

Single Malt Whisky
Single Cask
45% Alcohol content


Bottled and refined inside the bottle in Scotland since April, 2013. Just 330 bottles

Tasting Notes

The pot is the tool of the cook to create, and this single malt  is our instrument to be carried from the Asia Minor through the Mediterranean to the valleys of the Highlands. As the copper, works as a conductor of pungent senses and spicy barks, roots, citrus and spices. We are catapulted into a bazaar of Anatolia in full fermentation. Pasty and Pungent.


The Glen Garioch distillery may well be Scotland's first licensed distillery. Varying dates are given as to the founding of the distillery, but all are predated by an article in the Aberdeen Journal on the 1st December 1785, which announced the first distillation of spirit at the site. Glen Garioch (pronounced ‘Glen Ggeery’) lies at the village of Old Meldrum in Aberdeenshire. The distillery buildings sit huddled on a little outcrop flecked with heather gorse and grasses and surrounded by barley pastures - it is said that some of the best barley in Scotland is to be found there.
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