Evolution NAS Year Samaroli 45th Anniversary

Single Malt Whisky
Single Cask
49.5% Alcohol content


Very Rare.


A harmonious vatting of whiskies aged from ten to over forty years in special sherry and oak casks, produced exclusively by Scotland’s last artisan distilleries, which still use the same procedure as a hundred years ago.


NoAge is the only whisky for which the reduction of original alcohol lasts for no less than twelve months, as was the custom in the 19th century. All the batches are re-blended every two-three months.

 A small percentage of water is added to it, so that it is gradually absorbed by the whisky’s various organoleptic components. This practice has been abandoned by everyone else, as it was too expensive.


NoAge does not undergo artificial colouring, nor is it submitted to chill filtration, which could remove its original components and natural aromas.



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