Caol Ila 31 YO (1981) by Silver Seal

Single Malt Whisky
Single Cask
54.2% Alcohol content

Tasting Notes

Colour: pale gold.


Nose: these 1981s can rock, and this one does. The peat is already ‘degraded’, which is great mind you because with age, peat can ‘explode’ into many phenolic smells plus tropical fruits (think old Bowmore or Laphroaig). It’s rather linseed oil here, passion fruits, motor oil, green cigars, then kippers again and maybe ‘old seashells’. Empty ones, gathered at low tide. Nice touches of ‘a pack of lemon drops’. With water: we go more toward raw wool, beach sand, a little ink…

Tasting Notes cont'd

Mouth (neat): very good, this one. Powerful, salty and lemony (I think the lemon was missing a bit in the two younger ones), with many sappy and almondy notes, between putty and walnut cake. Cider apples. With water: ah yes! Sweeter, easier, complex, salty, smoky, putty-like, with some marzipan and anchoiade (right, right, it’s crushed anchovies with olive oil and various spices, typically Provence).


Finish: medium length, on salted and smoked almonds and, guess what? Anchovies! Comments: all very good.

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