Laphroaig 21 YO (Limited Edition)

Single Malt Whisky
53.4% Alcohol content


Laphroaig is considered one of the most strongly flavoured of all scotch whiskies, and is most frequently aged to 10 years, although the 15-(now discontinued) and 18-year-old varieties are common (the 27-, 30- and 40-year-olds however, are rare and expensive). The company describes their whisky as the most distinctive of Scotch whisky.




House Style: Medicinal.


Original Bottling Vintage 2008 from just 9 casks at cask strength 53.4%.


Individual bottle numbering.


Special bottling to commemorate the opening of Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5.

Taster: Whisky Fun

Nose: very expressive again but rather more polished and fruity than its three siblings. Beautiful notes of quinces and passion fruits topped with fresh crushed mint leaves, then more camphor and eucalyptus before it gets hugely maritime. Seaweed, sea air, sea water... Some delicate toffee notes as well. Mucho brilliant so far, with hints of the very old 10yos that were bottle thirty years ago or even before. With water: really exceptional now. More resinous (superb) and rounded (vanillin), with also more soft spices (ginger, Indian sauce). Hints of new oak, maybe there was some fresh bourbon involved. Mouth (neat): wonderful attack, big but not aggressive, very ‘wide’ – it does ‘the peacock’s tail’ right from the start. Goes into many consecutive directions (if you see what I mean), with leathery/earthy tones, classic peat, spices (cloves and pepper), salt and bitter oranges, juicy fruits (tangerines, mangos). Then the whole medicinal shebang. Wow. With water: it got marvellously zestier, almost lemony, candied yet very phenolic in the background. Finish: very long, softer now but truly multidimensional, even if there are some faint notes of fresh oak again. Comments: just perfect. – 92 points.
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