Laphroaig 20 (Double Cask)

Single Malt Whisky
46.6% Alcohol content


Laphroaig is considered one of the most strongly flavoured of all scotch whiskies, and is most frequently aged to 10 years, although the 15-(now discontinued) and 18-year-old varieties are common (the 27-, 30- and 40-year-olds however, are rare and expensive). The company describes their whisky as the most distinctive of Scotch whisky.




House Style: Medicinal.


Original Bottling Vintage 2012 at cask strength 46.6%.


Individual bottle numbering.


The travel exclusive Laphroaig 20 year old Double Cask, matured for 18 years in bourbon hogsheads and finised for 2 years in Laphroaig's bespoke quarter casks.

Taster: Whisky Fun

Nose: starts with a bit of sour wood and lemon juice but then it's the usual Laphroaigness, and a kippery/briny Laphroaigness at that. Anchovies, iodine (huge), damp chalk, soot, more brine, more lemon juice, more kippers... And more lime and gherkins. And big, fat, fresh oysters. Just a tiny bit of sawdust in the background. Fabulous news that this baby does not display big notes of vanilla despite the 'treatment'. Mouth: awww... The problem is that it's very drinkable at this strength, despite the rather huge saltiness. Excellent, all on olive 'juice' (I like that), anchovies again, smoked fish, a little cider, oysters again (just any breed)... Not much medicinal notes and the peatiness is, say 'controlled'. Very good. Finish: long and extremely briny and salty. Comments: whichever the wood technology that's inside, this is brilliant whisky provided you like these kinds of ueber-briny profiles that only Bowmore can also display. I do. – 92 points.
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