Highland Park 25 YO

Single Malt Whisky
Orkney Islands,
48.1% Alcohol content


The distillery was founded in 1798. The name of this whisky does not refer to the area of Scotland known as The Highlands, from which Orkney is excluded, but rather to the fact that the distillery was founded on an area distinguished from a lower area nearby. In 1984, Highland Park was the only whisky ever to have scored a rating of 100% by the regular tasting team of The Scotsman, a national newspaper of Scotland. Whisky reviewer and expert Michael Jackson has called it "The greatest all-rounder in the world of malt whisky."(Jackson, Michael (1989).


House Style: Smoky and full-flavored.

Tasting Notes

Taster: Jim Murray

Nose: Here the heather returns and the expense of the silkier honey. The peat also plays a big part, but fails to keep the emerging oak under a tight enough leash.


Palate: An unusually oaky dryness makes way for a steady build-up of sweetening honey. Still beautifully peated.


Finish: A much drier finish than the 18 Years Old but smouldering peat adds charm and stability. Some late honey gives a degree of complexity.


Comment: Still haven't come across a 25 Years Old which quite matches the 18 Years Old, but this is a lovely whisky nonetheless and holds its shape and character brilliantly for such an old lady. Charming.


2010 International Wines & Spirits Competition - Gold Best


2009 San Francisco Spirits Competition - Double Gold


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