Bruichladdich Organic

Single Malt Whisky
46% Alcohol content


The new permanent Organic release is quietly winning over distillery visitors with its gentle grain and vanilla character. Made from the barley of organic Scottish mainland farms, the clean and malty nature of the whisky shines in a way that other straightforward Scotches seem to miss. That's to say that a flavor profile some find boring or bland in basic single malts seems to work fantastically well with the Organic. No longer simply a limited vintage release, the multi-vintage vatting smoothes out some of the harshness from the previous 2003 release and reigns in the power. The citrus is delicate, the vanilla elegant, and the notes of honey and blossom wither in and out on the palate. A wonderfully easy-going whisky made by good people and very special barley.


This Islay distillery is proudly roguish and non-conformist, having reincarnated multiple times in its 130+ years of existence ever since its founding by the young Harvey brothers.

Bruichladdich is known for producing unique, interesting whiskies while paying homage to its heritage. Privately-owned, it distils 700,000 litres annually from mainly un-peated barley from 28 Scottish farms, half organically grown, half from Islay itself.

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