Bowmore 25 YO

Single Malt Whisky
43% Alcohol content


In both geography and palate, the whiskies of Bowmore are between the intense malts of the south shore and the gentlest extremes of the north. Their Character is not a compromise but an enigma, and tasters have found it difficult to unfold its complexity. The water used rises from iron-tinged rock, and picks up some peat from the earth as it flows by way of the Laggan, through moss, ferns, and rushes, to the distillery.


House Style: smoky with leafy notes (ferns?) and sea air.

Tasting Notes

Taster: Paul Pacult

Nose: Distinctively briny, salty and cotton candy sweet. Then pastry, baked pear, and butterscotch.


Palate: Rich, almost jammy and peppered with salty/winey flavors that say Bowmore but with greater emphasis on the sweetness.


Finish: Long, nicely balanced between the sea salt and the sherry, and succulent.


Comment: The superior craftsmanship of Bowmore remains steady and true.


2011 International Wines & Spirits Competition - Silver
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