Balvenie 17 YO Peated Cask

Single Malt Whisky
43% Alcohol content


House Style: The most honeyish of malts, with a distinctively orangey note.

Tasting Notes

Taster: Martine Nouet

Nose: Elegant. Delicately nutty and floral. Lightly toasted hazelnuts. Gillyflowers. Gently giving way to well integrated oaky notes. Touch of liquorice and dried fruit. Distant hint of moss.


Palate: Smooth, round. Mint and liquorice. Dark fruit. Drying on oak and spices.


Finish: Dry, slightly astringent but so elegantly.


Comment: A well balanced and rich whisky. Perfect after dinner dram with a piece of dark chocolate.


In 2001, a heavily peated batch of barley was bought from a local supplier and distilled at The Balvenie Distillery. The distilled liquid was allowed to mature until David decided it was time to rejuvenate the maturation process and so the whisky was transferred to newly prepared traditional casks. The casks that had originally held the peated liquid had taken on much of its character but were without purpose, until David decided to experiment by filling them with 17 year old Balvenie for a short period. The result was an intensely peaty whisky. Marrying this liquid with 17 year old Balvenie finished in new American oak casks produced a hugely complex single malt, rich and spicy with layers of smokiness. This one is like a bacon maple bar in a glass!
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