Miyagikyo 12 YO

Japanese Whisky
45% Alcohol content


The distillery was originally named Sendai and lies to the west of the city. Miyagikyo is owned by Nikka, who also own the Yoichi. Miyagikyo is larger than Yoichi and has a current capacity of 2 million litres per year, but their whisky is less well known. Much of the whisky produced goes in to Nikka’s popular range of blended whiskies with just a small percentage released as single malts. They have a strong cult following and the reputation is starting to build.


The most delicate and the least peaty of Nikka's single malts comes from the distillery of Miyagikyo on the island of Honshu.


House style: light, flowery, fruity

Tasting notes

Light, floral nose with touches of green apple, black pepper and hints of sherry.  Well-matured on the palate, full-body big flavour with a tang of dried fruit and some grip at the finish. Quite complex with the vinous notes not quite overtaken by the expected hit of coffee and toffee at the end.


2010 International Spirits Competition - Gold Medal Winner
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