Hakushu 18 YO

Japanese Whisky
43.5% Alcohol content


The Hakushu Distillery elevation is 700 metres above sea level; this altitude creates a low pressure distillation effect. So distillation takes place at a lower temperature, this makes it more difficult for the more oilier heavier compounds with their higher boiling points to be distilled resulting in a lighter estery spirit.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Decent intensity with vegetal (wet banana leaf)/green plum notes. Tropical notes mixed with dry hay and flowers. Hint of toffee and crisp oak. Slightly acidic, yet sweet.


Palate: Direct with decent grip. Finer in character than the 12 with similar levels of sweetness but this has more toastiness and better length. Silky.


Finish: Sweet. Toffee crisp. Comment: This is best neat. Shows a clean progression of flavours.


2010 International Wines & Spirits Competition - Gold Best


2010 Malt Maniacs Awards - Bronze


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