Berkeley Square Gin

40% Alcohol content


Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is the ‘single malt’ of the gin world. Two hundred and fifty years of dedication, expertise and craftsmanship have gone into the making of Berkeley Square to craft a complex and refined gin of exceptional quality. Distilled in in a traditional pot still and infused using our ‘bouquet garni’ distillation method, with a blend of hand-picked botanicals, including basil, lavender and kaffir lime leaves, Berkeley Square is the ultimate gin for the discerning drinker..

Tasting Notes

Berkeley Square Gin should be sipped and savoured to enjoy its unique taste and smooth qualities. With a rich herbaceous and citrus aroma, Berkeley Square has notes of juniper, basil and sweet lime which lead to a long peppery finish. The first taste of Berkeley Square Gin confirms the quality of the ingredients and the careful, slow distillation that goes into creating this ‘single malt’ of gins.

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