Jean Grosperrin 2003 Grande Champagne Folle Blanche 5-9 YO

43.4% Alcohol content


This cognac comes from the blend of 2003 and 2008 vintages, two harvest that were distillated on dregs, and then aged in big grain oak casks. The water reduction was done on an 18 months period in our cellars.

Tasting Notes

Clear robe. In the nose, vivacious aromas of grapes, butter, limetree honey. Some sweet notes of distillation are still emerging, extended by the floral Folle Blanche nature: Iris, Daffodil, and then Jasmine in the aeration. Then come some more evident notes of passion fruits, pineapple, and harvest. In the mouth the texture is smooth and pleasant, frank notes of vine flowers, apples, and first spices. Beautiful freshness. A balanced and greedy final, floral Folle Blanche notes are exploding. Totally natural, unique, and quaint.


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