Jean Grosperrin 1991 Fins Bois 19 YO

56.6% Alcohol content


Jean Grosperrin began his cognac career as a Cognac broker connecting the vineyards with private clients who sought the best cognacs. After several decades, Jean Grosperrin also amassed a large collection of his own and is releasing single cask cognacs under his own label. Compared to any commercially available brands, his cognacs are completely natural as they have no additives such as wood extract flavoring, sugar, caramel or artificial coloring/flavoring.

Tasting Notes

First nosings are shy but promising. Ten minutes in the glass reveals toasty, raisin bread notes, a hint of fresh stone fruits and a touch of anise, though the aromatics remain subdued. At this high strength the palate is exceptionally concentrated; Medium dry stone fruit, pepper and cigar box flavours are accompanied by a big, spicy flourish delivering outstanding length. The spirit is warm but well balanced. Aftertaste is firm and drying with a persistent though subtle afterglow of dried fig and spice. Overall, an unquestionably masculine styled spirit that's more brandy like than classically Cognac, though not without real curio value at this unusual ABV. 56.6%.

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