Jean Grosperrin 1988 Fin Bois 22 YO

50% Alcohol content


Jean Grosperrin began his cognac career as a Cognac broker connecting the vineyards with private clients who sought the best cognacs. After several decades, Jean Grosperrin also amassed a large collection of his own and is releasing single cask cognacs under his own label. Compared to any commercially available brands, his cognacs are completely natural as they have no additives such as wood extract flavoring, sugar, caramel or artificial coloring/flavoring.

Tasting Notes

Pale yellow colour. Very fine cognac, fresher than that of 1989. The aroma of distillation is still perceptible. Full of smoothness and elegance. Lively and direct on the palate.

Blend of two vintage 1988 Fins Bois cognacs. One came from a wine grower, now retired, located in the village of Ecoyeux, in Charente Maritime. The 1988 harvest was abundant and qualitative and, for this reason, he decided to let part of his crop age. The other cognac, approximately 1/3 of the blend, came from a family of wine growers still active in the region of Matha. Their more important incomes enabled them to place this batch in recent barrels.

The two cognacs were aged in state-controlled warehouses.

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