Jean Grosperrin 1976 Petite Champagne 34 YO

42.2% Alcohol content


Jean Grosperrin began his cognac career as a Cognac broker connecting the vineyards with private clients who sought the best cognacs. After several decades, Jean Grosperrin also amassed a large collection of his own and is releasing single cask cognacs under his own label. Compared to any commercially available brands, his cognacs are completely natural as they have no additives such as wood extract flavoring, sugar, caramel or artificial coloring/flavoring.

Tasting Notes

There is just a small trace of wood in this 34 years old cognac, which is only slightly tinted and, though not astringent, releases a very distinct initial aroma. Light scent of jasmine, pepper and crystalized fruits. Pleasant and supple on the palate, with no trace of heaviness. This cognac, with its characteristic lightness and delicacy, most likely originates from a friable limestone subsoil.

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